Britain's best dog friendly beach?

By Heidi on 6th Aug 2020
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Holiday at any time of the year with miles of dog friendly beaches

Of the many beaches around the British coast only a relatively small proportion allow dogs all year round. The good news is that here on Sandbanks we have miles of beautiful sandy beach including a number of sections where dogs are welcome throughout the year.


Your dog is part of your family and of course the family holiday is what everyone looks forward to. Choosing a location where you can all enjoy the beach together will ensure everyone has a happy and memorable time.

Being able to exercise your dog on the beach has many health benefits for both you and your canine friend. Long walks on the sand and the fresh seaside air will boost your energy levels. For dogs who love to swim, playing in the sea has many benefits. Swimming is an all-around healthy activity for your dog. It provides everything from exercise to stimulation, and a needed release for all that energy dogs have and is good for the whole body from cardio to muscles.In the summer heat, a good swim will help keep their body temperature at a comfortable level when they are overwhelmed with heat. Dogs enjoy a refreshing dip, just like we do.


After all that swimming you can wash your dog at our newly installed dog wash machine next to the beach here on the peninsula. With warm water, natural products, and a two speed dryer all at a low cost … you will ready to relax after your day on the beach.

Grabbing a quick bite to eat or an ice cream and a drink here on Sandbanks doesn’t exclude your pooch. The Sandbanks Beach Cafe welcomes dogs on their seaview terrace, Rick Stein's restaurant allows dogs in the front bar area where they serve drinks and food and The Caff is the perfect dog friendly spot for breakfast.

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We have a selection of dog friendly properties ranging from two bedroomed apartments to luxury, premium properties so you will be able to find the perfect place to suit you, your family and of course your four legged friend for the perfect seaside holiday.