Sandbanks from the air

By Heidi on 10th Sep 2020
aerial hideaway 1400 x 600
Blog » Sandbanks from the air

In the early days of the lockdown, Sandbanks was bathed in sunshine and the beaches were quiet.

Our photographer managed to snap these rare, peaceful shots of this beautiful area from a drone.... 


Sandbanksaerial-ph5 1024 16X9


Sandbanksaerial-ph10 1024 16X9


SundownerandWavesaerial-ph1 1024 16X9


Sandbanksaerial-ph8 1024 16X9


SundownerandWavesaerial-ph27 1024 16X9


Hideaway-ph100 1024 16X9 (2)


unnamed (1)


Hideaway-ph112 1024 16X9 (1)


Sandbanksaeriallookingsouth web9


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