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21ft Aluminium Professional Workboat With Experienced Captains

Rumsey of Sandbanks are delighted to offer the opportunity to experience Poole Harbour, Sandbanks and the Jurassic Coast. 
Private charter for our guests or anyone subject to availability



Poole Harbour is one of the best locations in Britain for sea bass

Ian bass

Can't buy one of those in Waitrose!

Simon Tiddler

Even Simon caught one!

Poole Harbour Seal

What do you mean this isn't a sunbed?!

Enjoy a private charter with skippers Ian & Chris who have been navigating Poole Harbour & the Jurrasic Coast for nearly 50 years and know every inch of water including many rarely accessed areas.

Sightseeing/Wildlife Tours

See the islands of Poole and explore the second largest natural harbour in the world with a huge variety of wildlife including seals and many rare seabirds.  If the weather allows race out through the harbour entrance to visit Studland Bay and cruise along the Jurassic Coast or down to Bournemouth pier.

Up to 4 passengers

Restaurant Dropoffs

It's the most stylish way to arrive for lunch at Shell Bay restaurant or The Pig on the Beach if you don't mind the beach landing!  Alternatively cruise up the River Frome to Wareham Quay for a drink or fine dining at The Priory.  Combine with a tour for a memorable experience.

Up to 4 passengers

Fishing Trips

Anglers travel from all over Britain for the opportunity to fish in our harbour and along the coast.  Whether you are a novice or expert we'll provide all the equipment and find the fish for you.  Trolling for bass a speciality which is particularly suitable for a childs first fish or recalcitrant teenager as there's no sitting about and the action can be fast and furious.

Up to 3 passengers

Catch & Cook

If all goes well you'll have some prime fish to take home for a splendid barbecue or gourmet dinner.  Why not book a chef and make it part of a special meal in your Sandbanks holiday home? (size limits & catch limits apply).  If you don't catch we'll supply the fish for you.

Snorkelling Trips

Under the iconic Old Harry Rocks is one of the best snorkelling spots in the country with boulders, pinnacles, kelp forests and an incredible variety of sea life.  Skipper Chris has been diving since he was a schoolboy and will deliver an unforgettable experience.

Up to 4 passengers


2 hour trips are £250, 4 hours £400 for the entire boat and skipper.

Have something special in mind?  Call to discuss and we'll make it happen.  Larger boats also available.










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