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Sandbanks Airport Proposal Divides Community

Highly controversial plans were announced today to create the create the Europe's first dual use highway and airstrip along the access road to the famous Sandbanks peninsula in Dorset.  Replicating systems used in tiny tropical islands in the Southern hemisphere, the development would see the road widened and strengthened enabling it to be used part time as a landing strip for light aircraft.


Planes share roads with cars in a number of locations around the world.



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A group of Sandbanks' wealthiest property owners are proposing to create the ability to fly almost directly to their homes allowing footballers to return to their own house directly after a game and wealthy bankers, barristers, bureaucrats and elite professionals to commute daily to London, Brussels and cities across Europe.

Under the ambitious plans Banks Road would be available for small planes to take off and land from 7.00-8.00 each morning and 6.00-7.00 each evening.  Lights and barriers similar to a level crossing would be placed at the car park roundabout and the entrance to the Sandbanks Hotel so the road would only be closed on request a few minutes before each arrival or departure.

Another highly contentious part of the plan is to create the world's only floating airport terminal moored in the harbour and accessed by a flexible bridge which will rise and fall with the tide and will feature an executive lounge serving high end cocktails and Michelin starred bar snacks.

Little is known about the Russian 'businessman' Uri Avenmeon heading the syndicate other than he is super wealthy and has quietly acquired a portfolio of superhomes in Sandbanks which presumably will see their value increase exponentially if the proposals go ahead.

 'Embracing the super rich from across the globe will bring enormous prosperity to the area in these uncertain times', said the oligarch, 'I can understand residents and visitors may be concerned about restricted access but it will only be for a short time each day and we will also have an airport crossing patrol man on the runway during these time to allow children heading off to school to cross safely.

Comment on the Sandbanks Airport Proposals

Is the airport a good thing for Sandbanks or a step too far?  Let us know what you think and we'll publish a range of opinions and pass them on to Mr Avenmeon.

Do you have a suggestion to enhance the proposals or an alternative idea, now's the time to speak up.

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