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Security Deposit Waiver

It's a requirement when booking one of our properties that you pay either a security deposit or take advantage of our security deposit waiver scheme.

The security deposit is due with the balance of your holiday payment (or full payment if booking within 2 months of arrival).  We hold this and may apply it against the reasonable costs of repair or replacement of anything that's damaged or missing from the property or for additional cleaning of linen, towels, kitchen equipment beyond normal wear & tear.  The balance of the security deposit will be returned within 14 days of departure, if costs exceed the security deposit you are required to pay the excess within 14 days of being notified.

When you choose to pay the security deposit waiver the security deposit is not payable. This is a non-refundable payment by you to Rumsey Holiday Homes in lieu of a security deposit and covers the cost of anything that would have been due up to the value of the security deposit.  If costs exceed the security deposit value you are required to pay the excess in the same way.

Please note that some premium properties do not have the waiver option.

We've introduced this after listening to our guests, the vast majority of which treat our properties with great respect.  If you pay the waiver you don't need to worry about the kids breaking something or accidentally spilling a glass of wine on the carpet, you can let us know without worrying and we'll take care of it.  As long as you haven't behaved badly you won't be charged.

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